Create your Own website!


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Upload your logo

List your projects

Use advanced referral tools


Be bright and outstanding!

Create your own colorful and unique website that will attract your clientele. Manage it business-wise, see your referrals' activity, help them invest wisely and earn with them.

With the Affiliate's package you can:

Get a copy of the website in the sub-domain {username} It will be granted to you after the approval of your request.

Manage the user admin panel:
  • 1. Choose the design of your website by using samples provided.
  • 2. Upload your own logo.
Check the statistics of:
  • 1. your referrals' registration, activity, and funds additions.
  • 2. your website's activity (Google Analytics).
Manage your referrals:
  • Correspond individually by using UMS - Uicloud Message System v.2
More details will be available in an official announcement

With the Partner's package you can:

Get an Affiliate package options plus the main peculiarities of the Partner's package which allows you to manage your referrals, pre-moderate projects, add necessary information to your website, manage sub-partners and distribute news.

  • 1. Manage referrals
  • 2. Create and distribute news
  • 3. Edit content
More details will be available in an official announcement

Uicloud platform model restructures the whole system's work as well as the process of projects' obligation distribution. The platform packages are the tools that will let you work and earn with a new model. Use these opportunities to the best of your knowledge!

Enjoy communicating with us!